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Each donkey is fully vaccinated, wormed, hooves trimmed & they come with a halter, lead & instruction booklet.

All of our donkeys are registered, Micro-chipped and come with a vaccination record, medical history and current registration

Please note that donkeys are herd animals and are not happy living alone. They need another donkey friend.

Therefore we will not sell a donkey to a home where there are no other equines (donkeys, horses or mules).


Jennets Bred for 2017

Katrina 31"-Gray-Born Feb 26, 2017 --Dad is Alton--Sold to Darcey

Licorice  32 1/2"-Black-Due March 9, 2017 --Dad is Jumpin Jack--31"-Sold to Daniela

Hansine  30 1/2"-Brn Roan-Born March 21, 2017 --Dad is Jumpin Jack--31"--Keeping


Aunt Lois-brown 31"--Possibly due in September 2017 Bred to Billy--30"--Black

Ivie Mae-brown 30 1/2"--Due Oct 21, 2017 to Billy--30"--Black


Goldie May-brown 31"--Due November 14, 2017  Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray



Jennets Bred for 2018

Aunt Dolly 31"-Spotted-Due March 11, 2018 --Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray

Laverne  32 "-Spotted--Due March 19, 2018 --Bred to Jumpin Jack--31"-- FSW White

Beulah  31"-Spotted-Due March 19, 2018 --Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray

June Ellen-Black 31"--Due March 21, 201--Bred to Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray

Maggie Wheelock--Dark Brown- 29 1/2"--Due April 11, 2018 to Billy--30"--Black



Donkeys for Sale Below

2017 Spring baby Donkeys are sold ---

More babies due later this year.

Five babies due in spring 2018

Donkeys recently sold below

Doc Howard

Named after my sweet Doctor who died suddenly in 2011

John Richard Howard Jr. Obituary

Doc Howad has been sold to Cookie in Fresno

DOB. September 18, 2016

Spotted Male Foal

Birth Height: 20"

Dam: Gails Aunt Dolly-spotted wooley 31 1/2"

Sire: Gail's Uncle Alton --31"--Brown/gray

doc howard 4

doc howard5


Will be weaned in March 2017

howard and Jimmy

Howard with friends

howard and mom

Howard with mom and Jimmy



Jimmy Pops Morris

No longer available, keeping him

DOB. August 2 2016

Frosted White Male Foal

Birth Height: 18 1/2"

Dam: Gails June Ellen-31 " Black

Sire: Gail's Jumpin Jack --31"--FSW White



Leo Elwin

Leo The cloud

Leo m

leo and frank

Jimmy and Frank, Best buds- Frank is sold

Will be keeping him for a junior herd sire,

Jimmy's Dad- Jumpin Jack Flash 31"

Tacota Garris


DOB. August 9 2016

Cocoa Brown Male Foal with black legs

Birth Height: 21"

Dam: Laverne Russell

Sire: Gail's Jumpin Jack --31"--FSW White

frank 1





frank and leo

Jimmy and Taco, Best buds- Taco is sold



Taco's Dad- Jumpin Jack Flash 31"

Gail's Annelle Keeter


DOB Sept 6 2010

Dark Brown--32 1/2 inches

She has had babies and is a great mom, Ducky Jr Below is her last baby

I could breed her back to eithr one of my jacks if you wanted.

Anelle and Ducky

Annelle with her last baby-Ducky JR


Gail's Ducky JR

Sold to Suzanne and Steve

DOB. February 9 2016

Tri-spotted Male Foal

Birth Height: 22"

Dam: Gail's Annelle Keeter 32" Dark Brown

Sire: Gail's Jumpin Jack --31"--FSW White

duckie jr 1


Duckie's Dad- Jumpin Jack Flash 31"


Gail's Ike

Named after a dear friend who left this earth in 2014

DOB. September 12, 2014

Gray/Brown Jack Foal

Birth Height: 21"

Dam: Sister Mary Nativity 31"  Brown

Sire: Gail's Uncle Alton--31"--Br/Gray

Sold with Mike


He is such a snuggler too 


This is my dad-Gail's Uncle Alton--31"




Inger Johanna

DOB. August 30, 1999

Silver Gray Jennet

Height: 32"



Gail's Ernest of Los Molinos

Sold to Italy at "Italy's Itty Bitty Ranch"

DOB. April 10, 2013

Brown Jack Foal

Birth Height: 21"

Dam: T/A Goldie Mae-31"- Brown

Sire: Gail's Uncle Alton--31"--Br/Gray

Ernest and Italy Having a Happy day


This is Ernest's dad-Gail's Uncle Alton--31"

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